Alaskans Inspired By Te Reo Example

Hawke's Bay Today

Jan 4, 2016 – A southern Alaskan village was left with 28 residents after the rest ventured to Hawke's Bay to revitalise their endangered language.

Hosted by Haumoana School, 41 residents of Igiugig spent the weekend engaging in Maori culture and learning how Te Reo had been retained to preserve their own culture.

Only four village elders in Igiugig speak the native language of Yup'ik. The village's specific Lake Iliamna dialect is spoken by fewer than 24 people worldwide, all of whom are over the age of 65.

However, New Zealand is the village's first step on a three-year journey to revitalise their language, with the help of a language preservation and maintenance grant.

READ FULL ARTICLE: The New Zealand Herald,. “Alaskans Inspired By Te Reo Example – Hawkes Bay Today – Hawke's Bay Today News“. N. p., 2016. Web. 7 Jan. 2016.

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