4th International Endangered and Lesser-known Languages Conference

By Department of Linguistics, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University

February 25-27, 2016 – 4th International Endangered and Lesser-known Languages Conference, Agra, India

It is a largely acknowledged fact that a large number of the world's languages have diminishing number of speakers and they are on the brink of falling silent. It is a terrifying situation considering the fact that loss of languages will not only make the world a more homogeneous and boring place but also a more vulnerable place with our survival itself at stake. This may sound like an overstatement to the whole lot of uninitiated beings on our planet but it is not.

While the knowledge contained in the language is one of the most compelling and oft-quoted reasons to “save” the diversity, it is not the only reason to do it. Since long it has been argued that languages are one of the most explicit and easier ways of understanding human brain and human beings itself. Each language is capable of giving unique and exciting insights into the complex and amazing ways human brain functions. Losing a language would entail losing those brilliant insights into one of the most complex creations of Nature.

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