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Kaska Elder Working with UBC Researchers to Develop New Dictionary

(Photo Credit: CBC. Mida Donnessy is working with a linguist at the University of British Columbia on a Kaska dictionary.)


January 4, 2016 – U.B.C. is working on a long term project to create a Kaska dictionary. A team at the University of British Columbia preparing a dictionary of the Kaska language is relying, in part, on Watson Lake, Yukon elder Mida Donnessy to provide pronunciation and context for the Kaska words.

Donnessy described her work through Linda McDonald, a translator.

“She said we work with the linguist, he records us and he writes it down,” McDonald translated. “And why do we do this? She says for the kids. For the kids, yeah.”

Kaska speakers primarily live in Watson Lake and Ross River, Yukon, and several small communities in northern British Columbia.

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