Browning First To Use Native Language Immersion Funds


DECEMBER 14, 2015 – This year, the Montana state legislature passed a bill that provides funding for public schools to start immersion programs in native languages. It’s part of an effort to preserve these fragile cultures. Across the United States, about 115 languages have been lost in the last five centuries. But so far, the Browning school system, on the southern part of the Blackfeet Reservation, is the only district to take the money.

In Browning, the immersion program started this year with kindergartners. Locals have high hopes for what it will mean for the future of this community, and its native Blackfeet language. With their teacher as their guide, these young Blackfeet children are becoming more comfortable with this unfamiliar language…

Read Full Article: Hall, Miriam. “Browning First To Use Native Language Immersion Funds“ N. p., 2015. Web. 18 Dec. 2015.

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