Saving Sm’algyax: Tsimshian Community Aims to Preserve Language

Journalist, The Seattle Globalist

DECEMBER 8, 2015 – Seattle teacher Donna Roberts is excited to see the rebirth of the Tsimshian culture in her hometown of the Metlakatla Indian Community in Alaska. Activities such as native dances, galas, and raising new totem poles have resurged in the Tsimshian community — a stark contrast from the cultural amnesia of the previous generations.

A sense of pride and a hunger for culture was revitalized, according to Roberts. But within this resurgence in Metlakatla, there was still a significant missing element.

“They realized they didn’t know their language,” said Roberts, 72 and one of the last fluent speakers of the tribe’s language, Sm’algyax, which is also spelled Shm’algyack by the tribe’s elders…

Read Full Article: McCuen, Ashley, Darwin Manning, and alma khasawnih. “Saving Sm'algyax: Tsimshian Community Aims To Preserve Language“. The Seattle Globalist. N. p., 2015. Web. 19 Dec. 2015.

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