Miromaa and iOS Device Apps a New Way to Share Our Languages Designed by You for You

Arwarbukarl CRA Incorporated

February 21, 2016 – This app is derived from the language documentation and digitisation efforts which you do within our Miromaa software program. You can scroll though the many links we have above to learn more about Miromaa if you don't already know about it.

It is one of the resources which you can produce from that extensive work alongside of producing a dictionary and other learning resources.

We have developed this app template which is a fantasic environment to introduce and aid the learning of language for people of all ages, children, youth, adults and elders. The app template can be customised with your chosen opening screen, look and feel with colour selection, your own home screen icon and acknowledgement and credit page. The actual words, images and audio are all entered into Miromaa by you and when you are ready you perform an export out of Miromaa to send to us for app preparation.

You do all of your work within Miromaa, when ready you do an export which will package your data up for us, share with us via dropbox and then we build the app for you.

Unfortunately we only develop for Apple devices at present. We do not have a Android version as of yet.

The app is designed for iPhones, iPads and iTouch devices.

It is a simple but powerful learning environment which has been professionally developed in house by our own development team who have brought you the Miromaa software program.

The learning environment is based upon the flashcard method of teaching and learning.

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